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Women’s Health – It’s Not Too Late To Protect Your Bones

Make Your Health—and Your Bones—a Priority To all the multitasking moms, daughters, aunts, sisters, and nieces, we’re dedicating the month of May to you. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and National Women’s Health Week is May 13–19. If you are a parent, you spend a lot of time taking care of your family.  […]

Reflections on Partnership

The awesome thing about really good partners is that, together, they provide a balance of skills and energy….a complementary, balancing energy. “Complementary”  –  supplying mutual needs or offsetting mutual lacks; completing. The idea is that there is synergy (more than the sum of the parts) when complementary efforts come together for common purpose.  I take […]

As if we didn’t already have enough insecurities…

… worsening economics for mature women! Maybe we shouldn’t worry quite so much about the change color (or quantity!) of our hair or the number of facial wrinkles as we should about our money.  I just read an article  at Demos discussing the rising economic vulnerability of senior single women. Maybe you don’t yet think […]